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Business has always issues that may suddenly come up. We can help you navigate the legal landscape in a timely and cost effective way.
With our legal services, you can benefit of our broad expertise in the following areas:


Digital media has affected and expanded the ways in which we communicate, create, disseminate and use information.
We can help you to address your digital communication strategy according to the evolving needs of the digital media and the emergent trends in online communications.


Business implies everyday issues and problems. We can help you to find the right path also on a daily and cost effective basis.
With our recurring offer, you can combine our services with the following benefits:

  • Controlled Costs – With our daily rate, flat fee per project or monthly retainer, your business will avoid the stress of unknown and unanticipated bills.

  • Easy-going approach – A reliable advice can be just a phone call away: we work with you to find the best course of action for your company’s unique needs based on a trusted and easy-going working relationship.

  • Just sit back and focus on running your business – With our services you and your team are relieved of the burdens of dealing with internal functions, so you can focus on what really matters for your business.


Advising a Belgian health service provider on the compliance with GDPR
Managing a successful digital communications strategy for an Italian «gelato» equipment supplier
Assisting on a retained basis a Swiss company in its issues related to offshore turbine blades UAV inspections
Assisting an international consultancy firm in the creation of its corporate identity
Drafting a SaaS agreement for a Canadian IT company
Assisting an Italian wedding products manufacturer to boost its on-line shop
Assisting a Dutch company in drafting a distribution agreement for the sale of medical devices in Middle East
Negotiating a software license agreement on behalf of an IT company based in Hong Kong
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Our vision is to be a customer centric firm, constantly focusing on providing high quality services from beginning to end.
In particular:

We are highly specialised. Each member of our team is focused on his specific area, to give you the highly specialized knowledge you can have.

We understand the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, in any industry, and work to offer the better options for your business.

We give you everything you need at a price you can afford, as we offer different solutions to dramatically decrease your costs.

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We apply simple, flexible, competitive and predictable pricing for all of our services. Need a quote for choose which package is best suited for you?

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